Reduce Total Solar Energy by Up To 86%

keep you house cool and reduce your energy bill

Save Your Furniture

Sun Shades reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99.9%

Reduce Glare but Maintain Your View

Get rid of the glare and heat but not your view

Why SunShades?

SunShades allow natural light into any room and artfully reduce unwanted glare and heat. Unlike fabric shades SunShades are both energy efficient and virtually transparent. Using shades in the summer saves on energy costs and during those cold winter months can be used as a barrier to keep the heat in, resulting in year round comfort for tenants and home owners.

About Us

Sunshades are manufactured in Waterloo ON by ProMark Window Film & Blinds Inc. a family business established in 1981. ProMark has established a tradition of providing quality window treatments to customers throughout Southern Ontario, as well as providing sales through our network of dealers all across Canada. Staying committed to providing quality materials and workmanship has been the basis for our success. Constantly striving to meet and exceed the needs of our customers has expanded the products and services we provide.

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Pearson Airport

This installation was done awhile ago and posted on our ProMark site ( but I thought I since we now have a website for sunshades I would re post it. so here it is!   Our Latest Sunshade Installation at Pearson International Airport. sunshades were installed in the¬†de-icing¬†tower to cut down on heat and glare […]


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